2-4 march 2017

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History of WHA

The partnership has been established 2003. At that time it represented an initiative group consisting of several companies focusing on the development of the information environment in the wooden housing construction sector. The work was conducted in all directions, including an active interface with the state and nongovernmental institutions responsible for the construction, organization of educational programs, meetings, seminars and trips. Owing to the efforts it applied to the solution of problems outside the domain of business competition, the number of the members of the partnership grew at high rates, and already by the end of the first year of its operation has totaled 150 companies. Managers of the developing enterprises in search of new ideas for their business, who are ready for changes, do understand the degree of influence such a community can have both on their own business and the situation in the sector as a whole. The Association opens opportunities for the solution of the problems in the field of marketing policy, improving the technology level of the companies and their effective development in the market. Today, after 10 years, the Wooden Housing Construction Association has over one hundred companies as its members. We appreciate each partner, whether the smallest company or an multinational giant. Each participant of the partnership has equal rights to use all opportunities offered by the Association, and is free to make feasible contributions to activities of the entire community. We are grateful to those company managers who have remained committed participants of all the activities, discussions and debates related to the development of joint decisions and approaches WHCA has been applying in shaping its policies throughout these 10 years.